1. Design your t-shirt using our template (T-Shirt Design Guide)
(A3+ max size) at at least 250 dpi, max 4 unique colours, no gradients.

Create 3 Images: Gallery Image 600x450px, Gallery Thumbnail 90x120px and Template File.
(Submissions that do not meet these dimensions will be rejected)
(Gallery Image MUST show how the design fits on a tee)

Go to the "Submit Design" page to send us these files!
(Please note that we may reject some submissions if we don't think the design is of good enough quality)

See some examples here

The design must be your own intellectual property and you must have the exclusive copyright and right of use. This is important otherwise we are not allowed to print your design. If your design gets printed, you grant us the exclusive right of use to print your design on textiles.
Our Competition Terms & Conditions can be found here...

When the competition starts all submitted designs are available for voting. A submenu is available in the PARTICIPATE menu called "Vote Designs". Here you can score all the submitted designs on the scale from 0-5.

Why not check out our voting guide here.

Every month we gather around the table and look at all the designs. On the basis of their average scores, user comments and what scored they recieved, we select a design for print. If you are the winner, we will drop you an emal to let you know. As a winner, your profile will also be included in our Designer section of the website.

Allmightys runs commission based prize system. Designers get paid every 3 months commissions they have made on the sales of their t-shirts. Commissions are increased as the sales of T-Shirts go up. In addition, all winning designers recieve one free t-shirt of their design.

We believe this is a good principle. We also believe that if shirts are selling really well, our cost to produce them is lower and so the designer should recieve higher commission. Commissions could be raised on succesful tshirts up to 4EUR per shirt. This applies to all shirts whether they are prize winners or special selections. Our success is your success.

At the same time we will promote you: we will publish you on our webpage, link your homepages with ours (if you want) and push your wonderful designs on other websites. We ask the same in return, for you to promote your designs as much as possible.

That's it!

If there is anything else you would like to know, please see our FAQ or get in touch