31 Mar

Spring Signs

By: Kon

We have featured Mark Jenkins before, but today I wanted to welcome the long-awaited first warm days of the year with his Spring Signs.
I have to say I seriously enjoyed being in the sun again on the weekend :)

Look at Spring Signs here...

30 Mar

Weekly Badge Review

By: Sven Palmowski aka a.mar.illo

The weekly badge review: All the features from Monday March 24 to Saturday March 29 plus the spotlighted Sunday´s super button badge set made by CROWDED TEETH from Los Angeles.  

Eat! Button Pack By CROWDEDTEETH, Los Angeles price: $ 4,00 available on 

Mushroom Monster By dim.po, digital illustrator / graphic designer from Russia [visit his deviantArt portfolio] price: $ 2.99 available at Prickie SHOP: dim.po 

Experimental Jetset, 2003 Set of badges, originally designed for We Are The World Dutch Pavilion, Venice Biennale 2003 price: € 4.80 available at

Untitled By hgo aka Heiko Hoos, Karlsruhe, Germany visual communication [visit] price: $ 2.99 available at Prickie SHOP: hgo

STICKERS + PINS By Michael Slack [visit] price: $ 9.50 available on 

Hairy By Michael DeForge, Toronto price: $ 2.99 available at Prickie SHOP: Michael DeForge 


Bunny By Judith Drews Illustrator from Berlin [visit] price: $ 2.99 available at Prickie SHOP: Judith



29 Mar

Edgar Martins: Topologies

By: Kon

The Portuguese photographer Edgar Martins is releasing his book 'Topologies' in May. The book includes selections from each of his major series of large-scale photographs. Martins frequently takes shots of barren, uninhabited landscape scenes that are solemnly beautiful and quiet. He is also interested in the leftovers of modern society, abandoned and disused structures that he portrays as landscape elements in their own right.
Have a look at his cool website here...

28 Mar

Friday Animation: Run Germ, Run

By: Kon

One of my worst nightmares is my teeth falling out. Luckily this hasn't happened so far, but that dream sucks... Don't know if any of you share this experience, but this morning's search for our weekly animation made me think of this ;)
This cute little film was produced by the Vancouver film school, and I think they teach their students well, don't you agree?

watch it here...

27 Mar


By: Kon

Take a look at Soyfriends, a Norwegian publisher dedicated to printing and distributing some very cool Scandinavian artists and illustrators. The editions are produced by the artists and printed in limited editions of 20 to 100 copies, making them fairly unique pieces of artwork. Some of these illustrators produce some outstanding work. I especially like Rui Tenreiro's comic style "Partie de Campagne".
There is a lot of diverse and interesting work, so check out more here...

26 Mar

You The Designer Mini Contest Winner

By: Filip

You The Designer has just announced winner of our joint mini contest for 2 free tees (P&P included) to the comment that best describes "why outdoors is way more fun than indoors".

The winner is Lori:

“I really love the outdoors because it means forgetting about the world and being free. I don’t have to think about deadlines and stroke lines, just what flavor ice cream I want when I sit on the grass and watch the clouds make shapes.” Lori

Here are some other great entries that unfortunately didn't make it:

Nature in general is very inspirational.. What drives me out from home is actually the sea.. and the sand.. I live in small town here in Italy close to the sea and the name is “Senigallia-The velvet sand” because of the wonderful beach that we have.. What inspire me most is the space without limits in front of you when you point the view from the water to the horizon..

Giacomo Coppola
Web and Graphic Designer

Outside, after a winter cooped up,
Is breezes and birches and sun.
Outside, after months indoors,
Is sneezes and searches and fun.
Sorry, I can never resist a bit of doggerel. ;o)

Kdfrawg -

It is not beauty or attributes that are the inspiration. Nature, the world’s canvas, reflects every heart and soul gazing on it by drawing the essence of who you are by reflection in your mind of what you see. Nature as purity, stillness and rest, portrays that deep self which our world no longer accepts in a fast paced society: innocence. It therefore guides way to nature inspiring your heart - whereas, it is your heart that has inspired the vision and interpetation of nature. One Creator; one core; all creation.

I love the outdoors because it reminds me how fragile life really is.

i love being outside because no matter how amazing your printer is, how fantastic of a camera you have, or how many pantone swatchbooks you own… you can never match the breathtaking colors of fall leaves on the trees, hot pink azaleas blooming, or the constantly changing blue of the sky. you can’t duplicate a miracle, no matter how genius of a designer you are.

For more ideas for our current competition "Out and About" go to You The Designer and read all the comments ...there are some really great ones among them ..definitely inspirational!

25 Mar

Gordon Matta-Clark in Chicago

By: Kon

If you are living in Chicago, make sure you visit the Museum of Contemporary Art before 4th May 2008 and see the retrospective of Gordon Matta-Clark.
The American artist and architect worked all kinds of media including film and photography. After studying in Paris, he became aware of deconstructionism and the concept of détournement, the re-use of pre-existing artistic elements in a new ensemble. These theories later greatly influenced his work, as in his "building cuts" where he dissects abandoned buildings to reveal sections of floors, ceilings and walls.

Check out the Museum site for more info.

23 Mar

Weekly Badge Review

By: Sven Palmowski aka a.mar.illo

The weekly badge review. The features from Monday March 17 to Saturday March 22 plus the spotlighted Sunday´s button badge: All of this week´s daily features came from North America and if you are a real fan of Bill Murray, hurry up: There is only one set of his buttons left. This week´s spotlighted artist comes from Ukraine: AGOV.  

By AGOV from Ukraine visit his flickr site or his myspace contact the artist to purchase one of them.

Stencil Graffiti Button Set - Bill Murray By minepress ( Portland/Oregon ) price: $ 3.00 available on Oh, wow!!! Look what I found in my mailbox today: Two issues of ART BUREAU and they come with Prickie badges and an extra pin made by Bert Benson, the founder and man behind the bureau! Visit the bureau´s website and etsy-shop.


ART BUREAU is a 36-page art zine fostering a grassroots approach to promoting art, design and community. The zine’s half-size, landscape-format, provides ample space for artwork, interviews, and articles about artistic collaborations. networking and art organizations.

Chineser Girls By Becky Johnson, the sweetie pie press, Toronto, Canada seen on

Naive Highway By at jojo´s aka Jo Kirby, surface pattern and textile designer price: $ 2.99 available at Prickie SHOP: at jojo´s 

MrMr Badges By Chris Clarke of MrMr price: $ 3.00 available at Little Paper Planes 


The Birds By Jaime Zollars, an illustrator inspired by fairy tales and flamish painters [visit]. price: $ 2,99 available at Prickie SHOP: Jaime Zollars



22 Mar

DIY Nintendo DS Case

By: Filip

Need something to do this long Easter weekend?
If so, then check out for some great DIY ideas, tips and tricks.

I also thought it would be great to dedicate Saturday as a day for DIY tips in the blog so there should be many more coming in the next few weeks.

We start with your own Nintendo DS Case. If you have the patience and sewing skills then why not spend a day making your own. More info here.

21 Mar

Friday Animation: Dance of the Easter Eggs

By: Kon

This weeks Friday animation brings you an Easter Special- a stop animation of the dance of the Easter eggs :)

Watch it here and have a great Easter weekend!!

20 Mar

Turntable Design

By: Kon

Mike Disher's site is all about turntables. 5 years ago he started making these himself, and I have to say they look very cool- the see-through ones especially.
Turntables are something of a dying breed, with the exception of DJs of course, but for all of you who occasionally like to spin the decks, this is for you...

Read more... 

19 Mar

SocialThing: All Your Online Friends in One Place

By: Filip

I only came across SocialThing few days ago and got an invite to participate in their current beta. Whilst the site is in development is never the less a great way to combine your social sites and keep an eye on what your friends are upto.
The idea of SocialThing is basically one place for all the things that happen on your social sites. For example, at the moment i have added flickr, twitter and pownce to the list of sites and whenever something new happens i can see it in my feed on SocialThing.
Another great thing is that if you are an iPhone owner they have a really great webapp available which you can also use on your desktop if you wish to post simultaneously to pownce and twitter. I for example have a plug-in already loaded on facebook for twitter so whenever i tweet, my facebook status gets updated.

From their recent discussions at getsatisfaction it appears that more services will be added in the next few months. It would be great to see integration of sites like MySpace, LastFM and more business/collaboration tools such as those from 37Signals (Basecamp, Highrise, Backpack). We also hear there will be RSS feeds and lets hope for a full iPhone native app from the recent beta release of SDK.

All in all, a fantastic idea and site. Really well designed, simple and incredibly useful.

If you want to participate in the beta, leave a comment and we will send you invites. There aren't many left so you'll need to be quick.

You can read more about SocialThing on TechCrunch or to follow it's development see SocialThing blog.

18 Mar

Stencil Shirt Tutorial

By: Filip

Here is a scenario: you have an idea and fancy doing one print only for you to wear or give away ...that special tee. Might we a little messy but maybe you are up for a weekend project: Stencil Shirt Tutorial by Nicholas Hendrickx.

17 Mar

China Design Now

By: Kon

For all you lucky Londoners: China Design Now opened its doors to the public at the Victoria & Albert Museum two days ago. The show will continue until 13th June, so hopefully I'll get a chance to go and see it.
The exhibition looks at three cities- Shenzen, Shanghai and Beijing and at the  development in graphic and product design therein. Chinese design has changed a great deal due to global influences and a rediscovery of pre-Socialist traditional approaches. I'm sure it's an interesting and cool show!

Here's more info...

16 Mar

Weekly Badge Review

By: a.mar.illo

The weekly badge review. The features from Monday March 10th to Saturday March 15th plus the spotlighted Sunday´s button badge. This week we had badges turned into rings and this Sunday we have porcelain plates turned into badges: ceramicbadges by katharina mischer and thomas traxler from austria.

Ceramic Badges by katharina mischer and thomas traxler from austria made from vintage, neglected porcelain plates (mainly single pieces) found on flea markets and in charity shops. selected areas are carefully cut by hand with a diamond drill, sanded by hand and then glued to a pin. details: 100% porcelain water jet cut - finished by hand dimension: Ø 22mm (0.86 inches) price: $22 product + $4 shipping and handling = $26 total available on 

Becoming a Puppet by annejulie aka Anne-Julie Aubry, children´s book illustrator from France [visit] price: $ 2.99 available at Prickie SHOP: annejulie

Jersey City / New Jersey by Hello Jupiter - [visit] price: € 1.00 available at Hello Jupiter Button Shop

Ringpins By Lovepins, Italy [for more information:] price: € 3.00 available on  

Freaky Ice-Cream By dim.po, digital illustrator / graphic designer from Russia [visit his deviantArt portfolio] price: $ 2.99 available at Prickie SHOP: dim.po 


Jellyfish 001 set of five pins By Essential Monsters, based in Oakland, California [visit] price: $ 5.00 availalable on 


Office By COLOURlover [visit the COLOURlovers community] price: $ 2.99 available at Prickie SHOP: COLOURlovers



15 Mar

Members: Si Clark

By: Filip

Not sure when exactly this happened but Simon Clark aka Si Clark, one of allmightys designers, has "just" updated his website with a new layout with some truly exquisite new works. Simon really has a unique style that is very easy to recognise. If you are a member at deviantart, make sure you say hello...he is pretty active there, and if you are a fan, make sure you pick up "Bad Planet" available in Allmightys store.

14 Mar

Friday Animation: In Your Arms

By: Kon

Check out this weeks beautiful animated film about a tango dancing couple... nothing can stop them, not even fate. Very cool and Tim Burton-esque, I think.

Watch it here...

13 Mar

March to March Calender

By: Kon

Today I stumbled over this funny and, for some of us, very practical calender. The illustrator Nathaniel Russell, who offers limited edition Prints-of-the-month had this idea for a march to march calender and calls it 'Always Late In 2008 But Just In Time For 2009'. The illustrations are very cool and I just love the idea... :)

You can pick up one of the limited stock (50 prints) straight from Nathaniel's site...

12 Mar

Members: Andy Martin

By: Filip

Andy Martin aka the creator of Little Old Men (check designer profile) has updated his site with the new showreel and some very nice examples of work. There is a bunch of new animations added, sketches and illustrations.

Head over to for more info.

You can also check out little old men here and say hello to them on myspace. They are a lovely bunch.

11 Mar

You The Designer and Mini Contest

By: Filip

Want some free tees? Then head over to You The Designer and leave a comment about our current competition theme and win yourself two allmightys tees of your choice. Whilst you there, make sure you check out some other posts on the site ..fantastic resource for all related to design (tutorials, tips, etc..)

Here is the info:
As designers we tend to spend countless hours in front of the computer screen so in a previous article how important it is to get fresh air once in a while. Venturing outdoors is a great way to clear your mind and many artists find nature incredibly inspirational. This is why we wanted to start a discussion about why you love the outdoors! Do you skateboard, hike, jump put of planes, or just lay on the grass and look at the clouds? Whatever it is we want to know! read more and now to enter

10 Mar

New Competition: Out and About

By: Allmightys Team

Allmightys and PopDeck have joined forces to bring you a joint competition for artists to design a T-Shirt and a Skateboard deck!

Theme Title: Out and About

Description: We would like to think of all the wonderful things we do out and about. Think cities, streets, friends, landscapes, holidays, trees, games, sports, SKATEBOARDING and everything else that makes the world outside way more interesting and challenging.

Submission Deadline is 21st April 2008, 23.00 GMT.

-Gold prize Winner will be decided by and Popdeck by picking one design for deck and tee.
-Other winners will be decided by on the basis of average score/types of scores and comments (Read full T&C).
-Artists do not have to submit both designs to or but its a prerequisite to win Gold prize
-Tee and Deck do not have to be the exactly same design but then need to somehow relate to one another (by colour, details, etc..)
-To qualify for gold prize Artists need to make it clear / link to / their design submitted on or (use design comments)
-Artists can illustrate both the tee and the deck designs on their submission images. will also pick silver and bronze prize for printing on tees ONLY. may also pick some Special Selection for printing on tees ONLY.
-Popdeck will produce one design only [gold prize]
-Gold prize winner receives a free deck and a free tee. (P&P included) (+ standard Allmightys T&C €2.00 commission per tee sold)
-Silver, Bronze and Special Selections receive a free tee (incl standard Allmightys T&C commission per tee sold)
-T-Shirts and Winning Deck will be offered for purchase separately  (deck via and tee via store)

Competition announced: Monday 10th March 2008
Submission Deadline: 21st April 2008, 23.00 GMT
Voting Ends: 25th April 2008, 23.00 GMT

Competition banner by Puzon

Read here about how to submit.

09 Mar

Allmightys Update: New Competition Rules

By: Allmightys Team

As you know, we are launching a brand new competition tomorrow to improve your experience on we have decided to make few changes to the way competitions run. Up until now, it has been submissions and then voting. Although this system is good and simple we have noticed few behaviour patterns that we think need improvement. The main 3 problems are:
1. Members comment on submitted designs and they do not comment when the voting is on.
2. There are way too many designs to vote on at once.
3. You are voting on the designs you have already seen in the forum and its not as fun as it should be.

So we are changing all of this and here is what is happening from now on:

1. You can submit and vote at the same time
2. Submissions and Voting are simultaneous except that voting goes on for extra 4 days to get those last few votes.
3. Approved designs in the forum link directly to the voting page
4. Submissions go on for 6 weeks (Voting = same 6 weeks + extra 4 days for those late comers)
5. You can no longer re-submit designs unless they have been rejected, once they are approved and in the voting that's it.
6. If you are unsure about your design and need advice, use "post discussion".
7. Small functionality and graphic improvements to the site and various bug fixes.
8. If the submission does not meet "Minimum quality requirements" we will turn it into a discussion for you to tell us otherwise.
9. Updated FAQ

We hope you enjoy the new rules and as always if you have any comments send them over.

New competition launches tomorrow..banner has been designed by Puzon ..and boy it is so cool.

09 Mar

Weekly Badge Review

By: a.mar.illo

The weekly badge review. The features from Monday, March 03 to Saturday, March 08 plus the spotlighted Sunday´s button badge. This week we said hello to Brute, met Agente Morillas in the old town of Barcelona and learned that button badges can be perforated or even made of bread;) The Sunday´s feature comes from the United Kingdom: Danny Allison, great stuff, must see! 

12 By Danny Allison freelance illustrator based in the UK [visit]. price: $ 2,99 available at Prickie SHOP: danny allison  

Badge Series 1 By Hello, Brute - Jon Knox [visit] price: $ 3.00 (Set of 4 packaged with backing card) available on 

Untitled By hgo aka Heiko Hoos, Karlsruhe, Germany visual communication [visit] price: $ 2.99 available at Prickie SHOP: hgo

Pin Badge Set / Collection One By Pear-Man (UK) [visit] price: £ 4.00 available on  

Cutting off your nose... By Perforated Prickies aka Nial Giacomelli price: $ 2.99 available at Prickie SHOP: Perforated Prickies 


Pack chapas Agente Morillas 4 button badge set - 38 mm diameter By Agente Morillas [visit] price: € 8.00 available at Duduá, a craft store and art gallery located in Barcelona  


Hello! By Bread Buttons aka Chesney Hearst, freelance designer/illustrator and photographer [visit her blog] price: $ 2.99 available at prickie SHOP: Bread Buttons

08 Mar

Little People - A Tiny Street Art Project

By: Filip

I think we have written about Little People before but it appears that slinkachu has updated his blog with a bunch of new photos/projects. I absolutley love the Nuart show set. For the full set check out his flickr page.

If you haven't seen this before ... a must:

07 Mar

Allmightys New Server

By: Allmightys Team

Allmightys is growing and it needs a new home. We are happy to announce that this afternoon we will be moving to the new server. You will notice speed improvement and overall much better stability this evening/tomorrow. This is all in preparation for our next competition next week and a bunch of new features associated with it.

Please note you may notice some weirdness in the next few hours as our domain is being repointed.

If you have any problems, of find any odd bugs, please let us know.

[UPDATE 8pm GMT]: Allmightys is up and running on the new server! Oh snappy snappy!! :) How is everyone finding it?

07 Mar

Friday Animation: Optical Illusions

By: Kon

Featured today as part of our weekly 'Friday Animation' series is this animation by Eugen Erhan about a cut-out paper man loosing himself in a surreal building on his way to a paper woman. Simply but well animated and based on the optical illusions of M.C Escher.

watch it here...

06 Mar

Mike Rea : Its Made of Wood

By: Filip

Fecalface have a very cool interview Mike Rea, an artist/sculptor behind some truly amazing wooden creations. Check out the robots!

Well, I start. It's as simple as that. I start at one end and work through the composition. I try to use cheap materials: pine, mahogany-luan, rope, burlap, and pink foam. This way I tend to get the most bang for my buck. I real don't plan anything. Yes I have an idea of what I want or what I am going to make but that's about it. It's a very linear process, much like drawing. Read more..

06 Mar

Robot Hunting Trophies

By: kon

I stumbled over these funny robot hunting trophies yesterday and it reminded me so much of "A Few Good Men" by Joe Gonzalez (our special selection from mech tech competition). These robots do actually function: when someone stands in front of them, the head moves and their eyes open and they start to growl. When people leave the room they become inactive again. There are 11 different ones to collect. Some of them or all together on the wall make a cool, unexpected and a little weird wall ensemble, I'm sure...

check them out here..

05 Mar

Street Scenes

By: Kon

What is left of a street when you strip it of all its commercial clutter? How identifiable does this street remain, or in case of the other way around, how much do we identify streets by the commercial elements that we connect with them?
These are the questions raised by Austrian artist Gregor Graf in a series of artworks currently on show at the Austrian Cultural Forum in London.

The result of Graf's re-worked street scenes make them look unrecognizable, alien and dead, almost like a ghost town. Graf has done this with Linz and Warsaw before turning his attention on London. read more here...

Looking at the opposite, check out a typical, commercially filled Allmightys street scene here... ;)

04 Mar

"I Am Thinking.." Results

By: Allmightys Team

Thanks to all the designers for all the great artwork you submitted and thanks to everyone for telling us your opinions!! We think the winning designs are great examples of the quality of designs that were submitted.

a.mar.illo's 'The Architect' led the way from pretty much day 1 due to it's idea, style and colour combination. miracletwentyone_org's 'We need Help' was up there all the time too and especially received lots of comments through it's contemporary and thought-provoking theme. 'Underwater Birds' by a.mar.illo is a very unique design especially in terms of composition and colours.  sepra4life's 'I'm Thinking Big...' is a clear and striking line drawing with a simple yet complex structure. knikola's 'Movies' reached high scores due to it's bold and well composed combination of typo and images. Finally, 'Jana' by vergilije is a strong graphic with great use of colour and a lot of attention to detail...

So, without further ado, here are...

The results:

Prize Winners (Printed)
1. The Architect by a.mar.illo (Com: 2.00 EUR per shirt sold)
2. We Need Help by miracletwentyone_org (Com: 1.50 EUR per shirt sold)
3. Underwater Birds by a.mar.illo (Com: 1.00 EUR per shirt sold)

Special Selection (Printed)
(Commission: 1.00 EUR per shirt sold)
1. I'm Thinking Big... by Sepra4life
2. Movies by knikola
3. Jana by vergilije 

Special Mention (Not Printed)
(order by score)
1. I Wish I Could Stop (Thinking) by Puzon
2. I Am Thinking... by seeabhay
3. The Wooden Girl On The Hill
by a.mar.illo
4. My Thinking Bulbs by wickedtruffy
5. Wrapped Up In Civilization by zerus
6. Are We Really Thinking? by Yonil

Thank you all again for submitting these great designs.

We are now in the process of preparing a brand new competition for you all. We think this one is going to be big!! Check back in couple of days for details.

02 Mar

Weekly Badge Review

By: a.mar.illo

The weekly badge review. The features from Monday February 25 to Saturday March 01 plus the spotlighted Sunday´s button badge. This week we had button badges for farmers, bricklayers and other professionals... The Sunday´s feature comes from Japan: sona&somu

I found this set of button badges on a japanese site. I can´t tell you much about them, not even the price (a few thousend Yen I guess...), because I can´t read a word there;) [seen on sona&somu]  

Fuffy III By Thomas Ray, Milano, Italy [visit] price: $ 2.99 available at prickie SHOP: Thomas Ray

Farm Life limited edition badge set One design from each season from Saelee and Jill Bliss's 2007 Farm Life calendar - put on your straw hat and overalls and wear with a smile. it may even help your thumb be a little more greener. Each button is 1" wide. price: $ 7.00 available on

Brick Wall By Mark Laliberte, POPNOIR 1" Button Project 1" button series, featuring 16 official in-house designs, plus guest designs of 08 artists on the 'pop-noir' wavelength, each will be in an edition of 100, and packaged on a numbered card sealed in plastic. price: $3.50 CAN (Canada), $3.50 US (International) available on 

Motorway Night By 76 degrees & clear Product and print production based in London. price: $ 2.99 available at prickie SHOP: 76 degrees & clear


Dr Dinermint Set 1 By Dr Dinnermint "Super Design Making" price: £ 4.00 available on


PACK04 By Diogo Machado, Portugal (add fuel to the fire) [visit] price: € 4.00 available on

01 Mar

Allmightys Update

By: Allmightys Team

As you can probably already tell there are quite a few things going on at Allmightys at the moment. We are hard at work not only to prepare for the end of the current competition but also bring you a new one very shortly after the voting is complete with "I Am thinking..".

There are now only 2 days left to vote for the designs and without revealing anything the current standings are very interesting and making the decision which designs get printed and those that don't is going to be the most difficult ever. We've had some trully fantastic designs this time around and picking only 6 is going to be an impossible task...but we may just manage :)
In any case, we would love to thank all of you who have already voted as the final decision would be impossible without you. Make sure you come back on Tuesday to check out the winning entries. We will then get right on with getting them printed as soon as possible.

Apart from the current competition, you may have also noticed few layout changes on the pages. We always try to improve how things work here and it's a learning experience for us too. Every day brings something new....

In preparation for the next competition, we will also be bringing you some functionality updates on the site ...which we do not yet want to talk about as with these things until they are implemented you never know. Be sure we are hard at work and we are pretty sure you will love them. It makes the whole submission/voting process a lot more fluent. More about this later ...

If you remember our recent update on the Allmightys server, this is also currently happening. The beast is in place, loaded with another copy of our whole site and we are bashing it like there is no tomorrow. Poor thing...

So, as you can see, pretty busy these days ..but thats great, eh?