27 Feb

Movie Flows

By: Kon

The New York Times put together this 'Ebb and Flow of Movies' infogram. It lists the box office receipts from 1986 to today and shows the extent of the movies' popularity over time. Graphically appealing and a fun diagram to browse through.

Browse here...

16 Feb

Who Has Nuclear Weapons?

By: Filip

Something for the weekend and surely put things in perspective.
Animated infographic movie from Good Magazine, visually explaining who possesses nuclear bombs & how many, & what would happen when one would fall on New York City. (via infoaesthetics)

If you are interesting to find out more are few more links:
Wikipedia: List of states with nuclear weapons
Or another bit of data visualisation, check this clip using oreo cookies to see how much exactly nuclear arsenal US has and the money that is spent to maintain these.

06 Feb


By: Kon

The 58th Berlinale Film Festival starts tomorrow. As every year, the city has started to become increasingly packed, and there's a great hustle and bustle about. Journalists, crewmen, wannabe's and Be's pack the area around Potsdamer Platz.

The festival officially opens with 'Shine A Light', Martin Scosese's documentary about the Rolling Stones (I'm watching that tomorrow night). Then 10 days of major Hollywood productions, international films, short films, experimental films etc follow. The festival closes on the 17th with 'Be Kind Rewind' by Michel Gondry.

I'm going to try to watch as much as I can- the queuing procedure is annoying, but chances to get tickets to all except the major premieres are good... :)

check out the program here...