15 Dec

Allmightys at Holy.Shit.Shopping in Cologne

By: Allmightys Team

Holy.Shit.Shopping Vol.5 is the designers christmas fair for all who are on the lookout for design, art, culture and fashion and who want to evade the kitsch.
The idea is to get your christmas shopping done in a little bit different atmosphere- browse the stalls and the products while listening to the DJs and VJs with a drink in your hand.
It's like shopping in a club...

As an initiative to escape the pre-christmas shopping stress, the guys at Holy.Shit.Shopping developed this concept 5 years ago, as an alternative to squeezing yourself through crowded department stores and Christmas fairs. Always at a selected location with the ambiance of a club or a lounge, the customers browse the carefully selected vendors with ease and relaxation.
Back in 2004, the event drew 60 designers and 3000 visitors to the Berliner Cafe Moskau. This year, Holy.Shit.Shopping presents about 120 selected artists, designers and labels and offers a platform for all creatives to present themselves to a large audience. will take part at the Holy.Shit.Shopping event in Cologne this year. Dates are the 20th and 21st December at the RheinTriadem, Konrad-Adenauer-Ufer 1-3 in Cologne, in close proximity to the main station and the Dome. will be at booth 75, so come and find us there...!!

13 Mar

March to March Calender

By: Kon

Today I stumbled over this funny and, for some of us, very practical calender. The illustrator Nathaniel Russell, who offers limited edition Prints-of-the-month had this idea for a march to march calender and calls it 'Always Late In 2008 But Just In Time For 2009'. The illustrations are very cool and I just love the idea... :)

You can pick up one of the limited stock (50 prints) straight from Nathaniel's site...

28 Feb

Floor Art

By: Kon

If you recently thought about upgrading your floor, why not check out byHenzel's  cool rugs. These come in a variety of designs and colours and some are great designs to have  on the floor. I could well imagine having the Paris street map under my feet :)

Take a look here...

26 Feb

Bennett Robot Works

By: Kon

Gordon Bennett makes robot sculptures out of used and new materials that he finds everywhere, at garage sales, on junkyards and construction sites. These cool little robots are no toys. They are unique sculptures, take about a month to build and have no battery operated parts.

The range is beautiful, as is the attention to detail. I think my favourite is Edward :)

Check them all out here...

24 Jan

Message Tape by SuckUK

By: Filip

Suck UK never dissapoints. Added to their collection of wonderfully simple and quirky products is the new Message Tape. Here is their product description:

"Black out the unwanted dots to create your own messages, The tape can be used to label boxes when you move house, to impress your date by re-naming entire streets after her or him within minutes..."

What I love about their products is that they are strangely very British. They remind me of that wonderful british irony in humor from Monty Python to the more recent Little Britain. Each one of their products tells a story, in a funny, ironic kind of way whilst at the same time being not only very cool but also very useful.

If you haven't seen their other stuff, make sure you also check out:
MixTape USB Stick
Smoking Mittens (for us brits with the recent Smoking Ban)
Emergency Break Glass Money Box

and many more here.

22 Jan

More USB Covers

By: Kon

We've covered USB sticks and their individual cases before, and here's a new addition to the list...

Check out these funky USB stick covers, that even interact with your laptop when in use. For Linux users there is a neat little penguin to choose :)
Unfortunately these covers are only available in Asia at this point in time, but hopefully they will be available in the rest of the world as well...

Check them out here...

19 Dec

Mimobot Flash Drives

By: Kon

Take a look at these brilliant USB flash drives. I think they are a brilliant combo of a technological gadget and design. Some of them are themed (Star Wars, Halo etc...) and some are individual. I especially love the Darth Vader one, but that's already sold out :)

If you're still looking for a cool Christmas gift, you could get one of these along with a cool Allmightys shirt ;) How about it?

Check the site out here...

01 Oct

Vinyl Wallpaper

By: Kon

Here is something for you if you are tired of the look of your wall and are considering a new wallpaper:
“Domestic is a French company that has been commissioning image makers to create designs and illustrations which are made into vinyl sticker packs under the product name Vynil and sold in design-focused shops in France. The company has teamed up with über-cool Paris store Colette to create Vynil curated by colette, a collection of wall vinyls designed by artists selected by colette.”

have a look at the wallpapers here...

(via creative review)

18 Aug

Mix Tape USB

By: Filip

If you have been reading the blog then you know about my obsession with Cassette Tapes, i just can't help it, love them. Now here is another fantastic link for all you retro fanatics like me. :)

SuckUK, a British design company has just introduced a USB memory stick that comes packaged in a cassette tape type boxing. Absoluteley Fantastic!
Make sure you also check out some of their other products ...very cool stuff there.

Mix Tape USB

This is what they say:
Remember back in the days before digital music players and MP3s?
If you do, then you probably made compilations of all your favourite music, to share with your friends and loved ones, on good old fashioned blank cassette tapes.
If you miss making mix tapes this product will inspire you again!

21 Jun

Warp your room

By: Kon

These people had a great idea how to make wallpaper more interesting. The examples of the stuff they sell at "warp your room" are very cool... the wallpaper warps around objects on or in your wall, like sockets, doors and windows...even paintings, although the problem here is that you can never rehang your pictures without having to redecorate your whole room ;)

It looks like you have to be very good to get the wallpaper rolls (46,5 cm width) on the walls exactly right, but once it's done, your wall will definately look very cool!!

(via Gizmodo)


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